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**PLEASE NOTE** - Holiday orders received after December 17th will be delivered after January 5th.

Noni’s Homemade Toffee is the perfect gift for any occasion because it is the perfect treat for anyone: crunchy, sweet and salty – not to mention 100% Gluten Free.  The origins of Noni’s Homemade Toffee can be traced back to Noni, who gave out the best homemade toffee at Christmas.
Since then, Noni’s Homemade Toffee has been given for every holiday, and brought to dinner parties across the country.
Now, the best homemade toffee is available to everyone!

Milk Chocolate Toffee
Dark Chocolate Toffee
Dark Sea Salt Toffee

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Our homemade toffee is just what we say it is.  Every batch is made to order, by hand, by those who guard the family recipe. Today Noni’s Toffee is made by Noni’s daughter, Stephanie.  In addition to homemaking and raising her three children, Steph is the head chef and owner of Noni’s Toffee.  In five years time, Steph has grown her mother’s holiday toffee tradition from a local fan base in New Hampshire to a national audience.

Noni's Toffee - Live Sweet or Die!

Steph ensures that every bite of Noni's Toffee lives up to Noni's standards as the best homemade toffee around. Try Noni's today and you'll understand why people everywhere can't resist the Noni's Toffee craving. Whether you need a special gift for a teacher, hostess, client, co-worker, or that special someone, remember Noni's Toffee for every occasion. You can rest assured it will be delivered fresh, delicious, and beautifully wrapped.
Noni's Homemade English Toffee Amherst, New Hampshire